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Exceptional writing is at the heart of all that Rouleur does, we stock a carefully curated range of magnificent and important cycling books that will appeal to the cyclist looking for a bit more depth in their reading matter. Rouleur also supplies fine writing materials and inspired cycling stationery for everyday life.
  1. Bike Mechanic
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    Bike Mechanic Book

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    Bike Mechanic: Tales from the Road and the Workshop is a book that takes a look behind the scenes at the lengths that professional road bike mechanics have to go to keep their riders fast, and more importantly, safe Learn More
  2. Cycling Climbs Book: Twenty Art Prints
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    Cycling Climbs Book: Twenty Art Prints

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    Road cyclists from across the world have long embraced the hairpin bends, steep gradients and thin air of mountain roads. This book of twenty cycling climbs from across Europe, the USA and South America offers a glimpse into the allure of reaching the high mountains by bike. Learn More
  3. Velominati The Rules Bookazine

    Velominati The Rules Bookazine

    The Velominati embrace cycling as a way of life, as obsessed with style, heritage, authenticity and wisdom as with performance.This is their bible, re-created exclusively by Rouleur, this stunning bookazine contains all The Rules combined with stunning imagery and includes a foreword by Greg LeMond. Learn More
  4. Vélochef Cook Book
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    Vélochef Cook Book

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    Team Sky chef Henrik Orre created this beautiful book of 80 recipes specifically formulated for cyclists.

    Pro endorsed
    "I wish I could tell you the Velochef book is amazing – sadly I have never had one in front of me to inspect myself. What I do know is that I’m about to acquire one for myself for the simple reason that people I trust, love and/or look up to – all have that sparkle in their eyes and tone of wonder and excitement in their voices when they speak of Henrik Orre and his work." - Dan Craven

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    Circus Special Edition Book & Print

    Circus Special Edition Book & Print

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    One-time racer, full-time artist and dreamer, and now living in a cabin in the French Pyrénées, Camille McMillan’s passion for professional cycling began at an early age, long before competing in the sport as a junior in Europe and the UK. This passion was to merge with an increasing fascination with image-making to create stunning cycling photography.Whether shooting from within the peloton, or partying with the fans on Mont Ventoux, the pictures in this beautiful volume reveal some of the many stories this pioneering photographer has witnessed: Intimate, sometimes aggressive, but always beautiful; his images are unique.This exclusive anthology, featuring many hitherto unseen pictures, spans some two decades of life at the sharp end of world cycling. Formerly editor-at-large at Rouleur magazine, Camille captures the pain, heroism and humanity of this most challenging of sports. Learn More