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Exceptional writing is at the heart of all that Rouleur does, we stock a carefully curated range of magnificent and important cycling books that will appeal to the cyclist looking for a bit more depth in their reading matter. Rouleur also supplies fine writing materials and inspired cycling stationery for everyday life.
  1. 20% off
    Silca Anniversary Notebook by Leuchtturm1917

    Silca Anniversary Notebook by Leuchtturm1917

    Regular Price: £35.00

    Special Price £28.00

    Jot down your notes in style with this foil-debossed Silca A5 paperback notebook manufactured by Leuchtturm1917. It's sleek, stylish and sophisticated. Learn More
  2. Tour de France Daily Poster Collection

    Tour de France Daily Poster Collection

    Once a personal project of New Zealand dwelling New Yorker, Bruce Doscher, the Tour de France Daily Poster book is a 240 page collection of prints bound in one beautiful hardcover volume. Learn More
  3. New Bradley Wiggins - ICONS

    Bradley Wiggins - ICONS

    Available November 12th
    The world of professional cycling is fraught with fierce competition, fervent dedication and unerring ambition, and only a handful of competitors reach iconic status. Among them is Sir Bradley Wiggins – a man uniquely placed to reflect on the history of this remarkable sport and its unforgettable titans. Learn More
  4. New The Wolfpack: 365 Days on the Road

    The Wolfpack: 365 Days on the Road

    Team photographer Sigfrid Eggers has spent an entire year following #TheWolfpack across the world with his lens to capture some of the biggest and most unforgettable moments of the season as well as captivating stories about our riders, which haven't been told before. Now, together with Kannibaal Publishing, Sigfrid will present 'The Wolfpack: 365 days on the road', a must-have memorabilia for all true fans who want to relive the fantastic highlights of a year in pro cycling with the most successful outfit of 2018, World TTT Champion and winner of more than 70 races so far. Learn More
  5. New The Road Book - Ned Boulting

    The Road Book - Ned Boulting

    The roadbook is the professional cyclist’s bible. A dense tome provided by race organisers and chock-full of information on everything from parcours to logistics at that event, riders scan the route to identify their best chance of victory or meticulously study the final kilometres in preparation for an attack. The roadbook for the 2018 Tour de France spanned no less than 240 pages.The Road Book is an apt name, then, for Ned Boulting’s latest project – a 1,000-page almanack reviewing the cycling season. The first volume will combine reports and results from the men’s and women’s WorldTour through to Premier Calendar and Tour Series events on the British domestic calendar, with statistics and infographics compiled by Cillian Kelly, and a collection of captivating essays from a broad range of writers. Learn More
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    Velominati The Rules Bookazine

    Velominati The Rules Bookazine

    Regular Price: £12.00

    Special Price £6.00

    The Velominati embrace cycling as a way of life, as obsessed with style, heritage, authenticity and wisdom as with performance.This is their bible, re-created exclusively by Rouleur, this stunning bookazine contains all The Rules combined with stunning imagery and includes a foreword by Greg LeMond. Learn More