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  1. Tom Pidcock Issue 17.7 Art Print

    Tom Pidcock Issue 17.7 Art Print


    Benedict Campbell captures the wunderkid from Yorkshire, Tom Pidcock as he demonstrates his unique skill and stupidly good control of a bike. Shot from Issue 17.7 by Benedict Campbell in an article covering Tom's ascent from talented youth rider to world champion and neo-pro in this A3 photo print.

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  2. Paris-Roubaix 18.2 Cover Print

    Paris-Roubaix 18.2 Cover Print


    Rouleur photographer of the year 2017, Pauline Ballet's popular front cover image from issue 18.2 of Rouleur, available as an A2 art print.

    Pauline captures the Hell of the North with beautiful simplicity in this shot. An air of serenity is painted by the bright blue layered sky, whilst the chaos of the race occers below: racers, cheering fans and team staff brandishing wheels showcase exactly what Paris-Roubaix is all about. 

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  3. Tour de France 'Dossards' 18.4 Cover Print

    Tour de France 'Dossards' 18.4 Cover Print


    A unique perspective of riders of the Tour de France. Simon Gill's Rouleur cover image is now available as an A2 art print.

    Describing how the print came to fruition, Simon Gill had this to say: "This mini project started simply as a way of being able to identify the riders less familiar to me within the peloton. Take a picture of the rider, then shoot their number on their back quickly to cross check that I have the correct name for captioning later in the day. The rider numbers started to leap out as a graphic in their own right. I thought to myself that I would start to deliberately capture the numbers in a more considered manner, once I had some more time on my hands apres-Tour and see what I could do with it..."

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  4. Eddy Merckx 1973 Signed Art Print - Horton Collection

    Eddy Merckx 1970 Signed Print – Horton Collection

    Art print of Eddy Merckx at the 1970 Tour de France, signed by the Cannibal himself Learn More