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  • 15.06.15

    Barnes and Laws Big Adventure

    The prolific sprinter from Towcester is one to watch at the Women's Tour this week. Our United Healthcare feature from issue 48

    Ian Cleverly
    UHC Procycling

Hannah Barnes, an emerging talent from Towcester in Northamptonshire, has a school friend from England visiting her at this season’s home from home: Asheville, North Carolina.

Months of living the hermitic existence of a professional cyclist are wearing thin. Barnes feels the need to cut loose and live it up a little. What do they have planned? Rafting, glassblowing and, to top it off, joining the Asheville drum circle – hundreds of beating, boogieing, beaming individuals, accompanied by the kind of arrhythmic hippie dancing last witnessed in the film of Woodstock Festival.

Hannah Barnes

The pounding and freeform movement goes on almost as long as the 1970 documentary. It’s an Asheville tradition that has grown over the last decade or so in a park downtown that says much about this hippie magnet metropolis nestled in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Friday night is drumming night round these parts. And bad dancing night.

Hannah and Lucy had a fine evening, although they drew the line at throwing shapes on the impromptu dance floor. The sprinter reserves her attention-seeking displays to bike races, throwing her arms in the air throughout last season in the UK.

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