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  • 17.05.15

    Chris Juul Jensen: Giro stage 6

    "Nothing worse for a rider’s morale than dirty socks…" More rain for Chris at the 2014 Giro 

Stage 6

Sassano to Montecassino, 247km

Stage winner: Michael Matthews (Orica-GreenEDGE)

Whenever I leave my room I always try to remember to turn off the lights. Okay, I don’t reuse my hotel towels but I feel hard done by by Mother Nature when it rains every day so far this Giro. I nearly don’t have any clean socks left! Nothing worse for a rider’s morale than dirty socks… today was 240km in good weather and then to shake things up a little, we had rain in the final 20km. Big, big crash close to the finish!! Chaos! Riders and bikes everywhere guys almost crashing just so they wouldn’t feel left out…

From Rouleur issue 48

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