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  • History
    coal miner
    One day a year the former mining town of Wallers comes alive and the retired workers of Arenberg reunite to reminisce: the Sunday of Paris-Roubaix
  • History
    old cyclist, bald
    "To this day, I don’t understand how Tom Simpson could have come around me." Winner of Sanremo, the Vuelta, Flanders and the Worlds, but not in '65...
  • History
    Hinault in the melee, 1984 Paris-Nice
    “Pow! It all kicked off.” Bernard Hinault on whacking a shipyard worker at Paris-Nice in 1984
  • History
    woman cyclist, smiling, posing with bicycle
    "Record-breaking was a lonely business." Land's End to John O'Groats in the bag, Sheridan pressed on for another 130 miles to take the 1,000 mile record. It stood for 48 years
  • History
    black adidas cycling shoe, on top of box
    A brief history of Adidas cycling shoes in photos, with archivist Martin Herde
  • History
    Track cyclists, four, early 20th century, black and white image, Celtic cycling, pic: Glasgow Museums
    The little known connection between Celtic Football Club and track cycling 
  • History
    1950s racing cyclist, racing through crowd
    “The road glides beneath my stomach like an endless black ribbon. It is my true home, my kingdom." By Paul Fournel
  • History
    cyclist sitting on sofa, head in hands
    Charly Gaul, the Angel of the Mountains, led a reclusive existence post-retirement, claiming "it's difficult to go back into normal society". Paul Maunder on the loneliness of the long-distance cyclist