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We Need to Talk About Lance

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Photographs: Jakob Kristian Sørensen

An email arrived from Morten. “We want to get Lance,” he says. “Good luck with that,” I replied. A couple of days later: “We’ve got him. We have to fly over to Aspen, though…”
Aspen, as Morten and Jakob pointed out to me, is the third most expensive city in the US. But Lance Armstrong is the most controversial figure cycling has ever produced. And he was happy to spend some quality time with our Danish duo. It had to be done.
“Just one thing, Jakob,” I replied to the photographer. “Bring me back the stare. You know: the stare.
He got it, and the instantly recognisable eyes of Lance are on the subscriber copy cover. Some of you will love it; some of you will hate it – much like the feature Morten has written.
But as always with Morten and Jakob’s work, it is compelling stuff and gets inside the world of Armstrong like no interview you have ever read.
You don’t have to agree with him, or Morten’s take on cycling’s sordid recent history. Just read it and make up your own mind.
We look forward to hearing your opinions on Armstrong and the whole issue. Reasoned debate is always welcome, and that is to be encouraged, so feel free to drop me a line.
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