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Tour de France 2015: no place for Top-Bonk Schleppers

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Photographs: Kenny van Vlaminck


the Tour de France is the second of the top sized stage GT raceS in the world after the Tour of Belgium and is also one of the largest race inside France.

But in this moment I have sadly come to the concluding that my team will not be making the participations of it which is a big problem for TOP-BONK as they look to expand biggER the wifi greetings cards that are not made of paper just images that you can not actually touch or holding but you can send them to people. this tecnologie is so much in the future that I actually do not fully understand it.

In winter time after the West Flanders Pro Cyclist Vegetable Carving Championships I made the email to the DS of the Tour de France from my computer to him in relation to TBS (TOP-BONK SCHLEPPERS) racing in it. I Am having no direct reply so I take this as a positive sign and convince TOP-BONK to place medium level € into my team with the possible potential guarantees that maybe we can perhaps be inside the Tour in July. This is when the dreAm of TBS (TOP-BONK SCHLEPPERS) is comming alive and I am tAlking to some nice level professionals to take this journey with me.

The enormous sized amount of momentums are following exemplified in it by the tourism office of Gits striking a deal to give my team (plus selected family members) 50% discounting from parking fees in Gits town centre (off peak only) This is why we have the proud windmill of Gits resembling the sporting heritage of windmills on our jersey.

The 4rd biggest pipes manufacturing company in West Flanders then are making contact to become linked to TBS (TOP-BONK SCHLEPPERS) to make the synergy complete with low cost pipes in the houses of ordinary people and plumbing. The sloganism is simple:

‘PEETER’S PIPES make pipes for people who need pipes.’

TBS (TOP-BONK SCHLEPPERS) can help generate the high profile of this service of pipes and give ordinary Belgians and some other nationalities access to the pipes they want in all lengths sizes and diameters but only in brown.


Jan Stanards of ‘Wales’ – potentials…

the abnormally nice progress of this combination has leading me to talk to these new riders for 2016:

Peter Sagan: Slo

Jan Stanards: Wales

Russel Downings: Yorkshires

Benjamin Swyftings: Isle of Man

although not any have agreed it could still be possible but now with the Tour in the canal my dream is in not so good shape.

but, I have to be realistic in these difficult moment. Even if Pruhomme had accepted the participations of TBS (TOP-BONK SCHLEPPERS) it may have become a challenging to fight the parcours of the Tour without bicycles. This is a quite important fundamental element of any team so I am constantly working on this issue and I am hoping by September or possibly November to maybe get the resolution on it this season. mEanwhile the guys in the team are jogging by the canal and cycle paths also. Morale is not so good but I remind them of the parking deal with Gits tourism plus the addition of cost price pipes and I see the spirit once more glowing within them almost.


Benjamin Swyftings from the ‘Isle of Man’ – is possible…

next year could be happening because cycling is all of it to me. In the meantime times I am making clothing with a medium to small sized English company manufacturing called Milltag to selling it.


You can help Kenny’s 2016 Tour de France campaign by purchasing official TOP-BONK SCHLEPPERS mechandise 

Kenny taps up Martin Elmiger. “I can’t understand you…”

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