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Podcast: Issue 38

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At 260 pages long, issue 38 is being cursed by sore-backed posties up and down the nation.
The accompanying podcast is a big ‘un too, nudging the hour mark. Joining host 34 for a feast of Italian cycle sport, the Bath Road 100, and much else besides are assistant editor 6 and writer 129.
The 1 podcast is brought to you by Mosquito Bikes, London’s custom made bicycle specialists. New into Mosquito bikes are frames from Daniel Merenyi, Dario Pegoretti’s only apprentice. His frames ooze the knowledge Dario collated making Marco Pantani’s race bikes. Available in custom geometry made from the latest Columbus lightweight steel – Hungarian bikes with a dash of Italian flair. Mosquito is at 123 Essex Road, London N1 2SN or on the web at mosquito-bikes.co.uk.

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