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Our Home Tour

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Photographs: David Blanks

We nearly burned the clutch out up Honister Pass. 
We sat two kilometres down the descent of Pen-y-Pass, with only scree and a stream for company.
We got food poisoning in Llanberis.
We rocked out to Rage Against The Machine heading into Sidmouth.
We gave a stranded photographer a lift from Dartmoor to Basingstoke.
We were kept entertained by our sat-nav’s Jamaican voice for six days. It broke on the seventh and we spent an hour and a half looking for a hotel in West Drayton that wasn’t actually in West Drayton.
We asked Angel Madrazo “where is the cheese?” in pidgin Spanish.
We talked to Wouter Sybrandy about his staggering recovery from a terrible crash.
We logged 1,500 miles in eight days around Britain. That’s the equivalent of driving from London to Kiev.

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