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Photographs: Offside-LeEquipe

Mentally, you feel a bit stronger racing round your home city. The last time I raced around here was the 2008 Tour of Britain; I’ve been living in Italy for the last six years. 
I really enjoyed it; I have a lot of family and friends around, I could hear them shouting, it was great. Racing around today brought back memories of going to Sefton Park with my granddad, feeding the ducks.
I’m from Pensby [on the Wirral]. Most weekends I’d come into Liverpool as a kid and go record shopping. Mainly for house music, I’ve got a huge collection.  I used to go bus-hopping when I was younger; I’d buy a little Saveaway ticket, then you could go all round Merseyside. I was a little scally, then I got into the bikes and it saved me. Though I was more mischievous, messing around, than bad.
Today [when I attacked with seven kilometres to go],  I was just trying to shoot across to the break and then maybe get a bit of rest and try to go again. I couldn’t quite get across, but if you don’t try, you don’t win.
I’ve been dead consistent in stage races this year, despite a pretty nasty injury; that was a bit of a diffcult time. The season’s gone well, I’ve always been strong and now I’m a bit tired. But I’m still racing well and happy.
As for the overall win at the Tour of Britain? I’m taking things day by day. If the chance comes, it’d be nice to race for that.
140 was speaking to 1’s 6.

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