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  • Desire: wind-cheating gear for faster time trials

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    Speedy kit from Santini, Castelli, Endura, Giro, Poc, Lazer, Mavic, Suplest and Bont. Fast bikes from Ridley, Cervélo and Neil Pryde.

    Photographs: Benedict Campbell
    Desire 17.6

    In the marshlands of estuarial Essex, beneath enormous turbines that harness the wind, a time trialist slips into an array of gear that’s been designed to defy it.

    Desire 17.6 Santini Speed Shell
    Santini Speed Shell
    Desire 17.6 Bont Vaypor S shoes
    Bont Vaypor S shoes
    Desire 17.6 Giro Aerohead
    Giro Aerohead
    Desire 17.6 Lazer Wasp Air
    Lazer Wasp Air
    Desire 17.6 Suplest Aero
    Suplest Aero
    Desire 17.6 Endura Drag2Zero Enscapulator
    Endura Drag2Zero Enscapulator
    Desire 17.6 Body Paint 3.3 by Castelli
    Body Paint 3.3 by Castelli
    Desire 17.6
    Cervélo P5 Six
    Desire 17.6 Mavic Comete Ultimate
    Mavic Comete Ultimate
    Desire 17.6 Neil Pryde Bayamo
    Neil Pryde Bayamo
    Desire 17.6 Ridley Dean
    Ridley Dean
    Desire 17.6
    Bioracer Concept


    A version of this article first appeared in Rouleur 17.6


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