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  • Desire: Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition

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    A collaboration between two retired professional riders – David Millar and Baden Cooke – resulted in the ultimate café racer. They only regret they didn’t have it when they were pros…

    Photographs: Factor

    “It’s essentially a custom chopper at the very top end, we put the best bits on it.”


    The Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition, revealed at the London Bike Show, is a collaboration between Factor Bikes owner Baden Cooke and David Millar.


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    Former green jersey winner Cooke allowed Millar to give his own personal touch to the bike he always wished he could have raced on. The Factor ONE Chpt./// Special Edition is testament to this vision.


    The bike takes inspiration directly from David himself, combining the racing heritage of Factor with Millar’s style, personality and professional experience. His personal preferences are utilised throughout, even down to the use of two rolls of bar tape.

    “David is a Factor test pilot, we thought David’s Chpt./// clothing was a really cool fit with our brand so we discussed it and came up with making a Factor Chpt./// series,” says Baden Cooke.


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    There is an undeniable touch of sentiment and fervour behind every aspect of this bikes conception. Only 51 special editions will be made: a nod to the dossard that has won more Tour de France titles than any other besides the number one.

    In keeping with this streak of history, Millar welcomed another icon of cycling back into the arena, crowning the bike with the newly developed Brooks C13 saddle.

    “I guess with a pure race bike you would have a super slimmed down one but I wanted a saddle I could use every day and for all sorts of things,” says Millar.


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    Millar and Cooke have 32 years of professional peloton experience between them; this is their two-wheeled personal legacy.

    “It is a shame I didn’t get to use it when I was racing, although saying that, it’s going to make a damn good café racer,” Millar adds.


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