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Rouleur Cover Stories: issue 64 – La Vie Claire by Richard Mitchelson

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Illustrator and designer – and creator of Rich Mitch mugs – Richard Mitchelson explains the creation of the La Vie Claire inspired subscriber cover for Rouleur issue 64

Photographs: Richard Mitchelson

I wanted to bring a bit of fun to this cover.


Inspired by the iconic La Vie Claire jersey this idea was one of the first to pop into my head. Imagine Mondrian himself is finishing the cover on your behalf as you read.


This jersey is so iconic that sometimes things you think of have been created by other great illustrators in the past, so I was really keen to try and think of something fresh.


The Rouleur logo had to be moved (possibly for the first time) from its regular position to give the feel of the jersey on the front, and when I saw it in print looking super clean and crisp I knew it had worked out all right.


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