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Cover Stories: issue 55

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Photographs: Paolo Ciaberta
r55 cover shot_1

“We are in Gap, 16th stage of the 100th Tour de France. Usually at the end of the stage, I avoid standing behind the finish line in my photographer’s bib: for me, this reduces the possibility of movement and restricts the view. I prefer to stay on the streets, mingling with the public and their emotions.

“To take this picture, I positioned a few metres before the finish line, focussed on the crowd in front of me and looked forward to the passing of the riders. In this case, it is only one and his name is Rui Costa. Once the composition is made, the rest is over to the actors of the scene; the fans, their facial expressions, and the cyclist who gives me an unmistakable gesture that embraces joy, strength and satisfaction, the same satisfaction I had when I saw this picture.

“It only remains to thank Rui Costa and the fans for helping me in the realisation of this image.”

228, photographer, subscriber cover for issue 55

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