Rouleur Classic

Cover Stories: issue 53

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Photographs: Pauline Ballet

“We had grey weather all morning. Walking into the velodrome, I saw the puddles that lined the track, but the light was not strong and the reflection was not very good. We went back out of the track to see the pavé and a ray of sunshine appeared, so I rushed back to the velodrome.
“What caught my eye is the way the opening to the sky was reflected in the puddles as if the world was reversed. I framed the shot like this because I liked the geometry and the look of the floodlight. It allowed me to structure the image. 
“I found it interesting to have a realistic dimension – with the wear of the track, the history – associated with a more poetic side. It is moving to be in such a place where we can actually feel the time has passed, these pedal strokes given on this track. It is a way to romanticise this famous track while still being faithful and paying homage.”

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