Rouleur Classic

Cover Stories: issue 52

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Photographs: Benedict Campbell

“I wanted to be right in the race, within the constrictions laid down by the UCI. I couldn’t be on the course, but I stood at one of the crossings and stuck my arm out.
“I’ve done it enough to know what I will get. It’s kind of like a dance move. There’s only been one time when a wheel whacked into me, but that was because it had crossed the course tape, rather than me being in the rider’s way.
“I’m always very conscious not to put the rider off. If they know you, there is trust there: they will head straight for me and know that I will get out of the way in time. Photographing people is all about trust. They know I am there to help their careers.
“But as one police motorcyclist said to me, if you don’t get told off at least once during a race, then you’re not doing your job.”
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