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Coming soon to 1 – Lance, as you’ve never seen him before

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When USADA released its Reasoned Decision in October 2012, Lance Armstrong was sunk. He rapidly went from being a modern sporting figurehead to one of its biggest frauds.
He has been expunged from Tour de France records, banned from all sport, dropped by former sponsors and still potentially faces a $100 million lawsuit.
So, how is life for Lance? Is he sorry? 18 and Jakob Kristian Sørensen find out over three days at his home in Aspen. The result, appearing in issue 51 of 1, is an interview like no other.
“You’re an asshole,” our man Morten begins. Armstrong agrees, but he’s not taking anything else lying down.
He goes on to discuss remorse and recriminations, haters and hypocrisy, Twitter-baiting, Tygart and Tinkov, plus his suggestions on how to improve modern cycling. One thing is abundantly clear: the American isn’t going down without a fight.
Lance Armstrong polarises opinion like no other cyclist past or present. Some of you will love the interview, some will loath it.
But, as always with Morten and Jakob’s work, it is compelling – and it gets inside Armstrong’s world like no article you have read before.
Issue 51 of 1 goes on sale at the end of November 2014.

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