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Carbon, Carbon Everywhere…

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Nothing wrong with that, really. But it wasn’t the first time at Eurobike a notable brand manager said to me that they wished the product cycle was two years and not annual – such is the relentless push to sell more bikes.
Eurobike is a huge, gargantuan beast of a show that is impossible for the average bike journalist to get around in one day. So we head over for three or four days to set up the next year of product launches, factory visits and just to meet old friends. It’s a dirty job and all that.
Walking around the show this year with regular 1 technical contributor 298 was a complex but enlightening experience. Rohan’s insight and opinion is steeped in many decades of cycling knowledge – I really have no idea where he stores it all – the facts and figures of frames, builders, components and technologies.
Stuff that you remember when he says it, but you’d lost somewhere along the way. ‘Fail’ is a word he uses readily. Be it bar tape wrapping, cable routing or paint finishing, the sentence “That’s a fail” was one that highlighted many stands, even in the sacred Italian Hall.
As a result our ‘bike of the show’ award wasn’t really an idea we kept with for long, it seems that most manufacturers aren’t innovating as much as previous years and tweaking colours and component specs doesn’t really amount to much ‘news’. The Cielo cross bike and Canyon’s new TT rig was as close as we got to being really excited about a bike… (If you want to see more head to road.cc they have piles of new bike pics.)
However, in between meetings, we found ourselves being attracted to the more weird and wonderful stuff that makes cycle shows such a pleasure. We had our ‘Heart on a Stick’ cocktail stick and an ice cream shovel as Rohan’s very own 1 awards (the heart is a good thing and the shovel a fail), we promise to take it more seriously next time.
And, anyway, you’ve probably read all about the new bikes already, no?

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