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Pas Normal Studios

“There is a lot of statement in being subtle and a bit more understated than crazy.”

Pas Normal Studios is the brainchild of Karl Oskar Olsen and his friend Peter Madsen. It began with a ride at La Marmotte in the French Alps.

Olsen, who made his name in the world of fashion with his own label Wood Wood, sensed that the cycle clothing available to him was either focussed on aesthetics or focussed on performance. Nothing blended the two in the way that he wanted.

With his understanding of the industry, he decided to make the clothing for himself. On the roads of the Croix de Fer, Galibier and Alpe d’Huez, Pas Normal Studios was born.

Of course those familiar with cycling’s recent past will note that ‘pas normal’ once connoted riding that was beyond the established limit of natural human performance, riding that was ‘not normal.’

Olsen and his fellow Danes at Pas Normal understand that the name is meant to provoke. “It’s about saying that we want to be on our own level,” he explains.

PNS produce clothing with an undeniable Scandinavian influence and an unashamedly performance-oriented construction and fit. Whether at home in Copenhagen or out on location across Europe, the small team - brought together by a shared sense of design and a love of riding fast - produces clothes that make the wearer want to go out and ride.

“The design is a reflection of the time we live in,” says Olsen. “And it should make people look good.”