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An email to Martin or Peter Velits, the twin brothers behind Isadore, can often result first in a brief out of office reply explaining that they are busy ‘overseas for three weeks.’

What they don’t say is that they are away riding the world’s biggest races for their professional teams, Quickstep and BMC respectively.

That modesty of the Velits brothers is a trait running through the clothing from Isadore. Using simple, timeless designs from the brothers themselves, Isadore prides itself on presenting an alternative to mainstream cycle clothing.

Their garments are made in their home town of Puchov, Slovakia, in a factory that produces items for some of Europe’s best known fashion houses. The fabrics are milled just over the border in Czech Republic and Isadore takes great care in ensuring the raw materials are sourced with as much consideration to environmental sustainability and animal welfare as possible.

“We try to speak with manufacturers, then we look up the supplier and where they source materials,” says Martin Velits. “It’s little things like this that I believe in, and helps to create a more sustainable product.”

Isadore is not about quick fixes and easy answers; it is about doing things the right way. This philosophy is epitomised in the sentence that features on the exclusive collaboration with Rouleur: “Road is the way of life.”

It’s not always about where you end up, but how you get there.

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