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Kristof Ramon: The Monuments - Milan-San Remo


"I've covered MSR about eight times now - it's a wonderful race - what's great for photographers is that there are lots of places to intercept the race and get a shot.
I took this on the Capo Berta, a really important climb as it's the 3rd to last and somewhere fans love to gather. More and more in the last few years these fans are using flares - I love the energy that the smoke and the colour brings from the flares, it really changes the mood. I thought 'I don’t care if I don’t get to the finish, this is better'" - Kristof Ramon

This beautiful image was taken by Rouleur photographer, Kristof Ramon during the 2017 Milan-San Remo race: the first in our Monuments series, available in limited numbers of A2 art prints.