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Roule Britannia


William Fotheringham

More than fifty years ago, ten Britons embarked on an adventure: they were part of the first British team to take part in the Tour de France. Only two of them would go on to finish the race, but they were the first of many - and many great ones - to come. William Fotheringham has endeavoured to write a history of those men and the ones that followed, and the result is Roule Britannia - a book that takes the reader on a journey through the life and times of some of the greatest British riders to grace the roads of the continent with their presence and panache.

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A dozen of the finest images from our photographers


Generations of French children have played with these figurines, and they are the sources of some of the earliest cycling memories of several of the greatest personalities in the sport.


Jo Burt's unique drawing style is immediately recognisable and completely unforgettable - his vision of cycling is unlike any other.


"For 11 years I was a professional cyclist, competing in the hardest and greatest races on Earth. But I never won a race."