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Le Metier Special Edition


Michael Barry

The book is a collaboration between Michael Barry who, in addition to riding for Team Sky, has written columns for the New York Times and several books about cycling, and Camille McMillan. It's an honest and sometimes touching look into the life, the trials and the tribulations as well as the triumphs, of a cycling domestique.

Barry's poignant prose and McMillan's atmospheric photography create a volume that gives the reader a rare glance into the fascinating and occasionally strange world of professional cycling.

This limited edition is held in a specially designed slipcase, and is signed by both authors. The slipcase is bound with a silkscreen of an image from the book, showing the Wall of Huy. Each silkscreen is used to bind four slipcases, meaning that the full image will only be visible if a sequence of four different cases were placed together. Only 50 of each, and 200 in all, will ever exist - making the limited edition a true collector's item.

Le Metier is a remarkable biopsy of Barry's love affair with his bike, and we recommend it strongly - London Cycle Sport

Amid the bling, the controversy, the glamour and the television images each July, it's easy to forget the daily, monthly, yearly grind of training, competition and travel. For Barry and company, it is truly all about the bike - The Guardian

Gritty, insightful, and inspiring account of what it takes to succeed as a cycling pro' and as a human being too -

It's not a cheap read, but in that Le Mホtier is the equivalent of a Hetchins it will last, and it is well done. Integrated books about the nature, rather than the history, of professional cycling are rare, and much thought has gone into this one - The Guardian

Above all, what comes across is what connects all cyclists, be they raw amateur or World Champion - the simple pleasure to be gained from riding - Cycling Weekly

Publisher: Rouleur Ltd
Publication date: May 2010
204 pages / wibalin-bound in slipcase



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