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Issue 15

The fifteenth issue of Rouleur, published in November of 2009, includes 132 pages with features on those beautiful blue bikes, Gios; two of the unsung heroes of cycling, Jeremy Hunt and Kenny van Hummel; and a photostory on cyclo-cross around the world.
There’s also columns by Johnny Green and William Fotheringham.
The photography in this issue was taken by Ben Ingham, Timm Koelln, Camille McMillan and Geoff Waugh.
Full list of contents:
•    Jeremy Hunt by Michael Barry and Camille McMillan
•    Domestiques Deluxe by William Fotheringham
•    Gios by Herbie Sykes and Ben Ingham
•    Brain 'n' Brawn by Johnny Green
•    Cyclo-cross by Geoff Waugh
•    The Belgians by Les Woodland
•    Nostalgie de la Boue by Matt Seaton
•    A Wicked Grin by Jeremy Dunn
•    Reynolds by Guy Andrews and Camille McMillan
•    Lanterne Rouge by Nando Boers and Timm Koelln
The cover photograph was taken by Geoff Waugh.
Rouleur 15 is out of print.