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Issue 12

The twelfth issue of Rouleur, published in February of 2009, includes 132 pages with features on favourite jerseys, the second part of which has contributions from David Millar and Sir Paul Smith and the excellent Royce hubs.
Mike Chick takes a rare look into the Tour of Burkina Faso and there’s an interview with Jean Bobet, brother of Louison, and extracts from his book, Tomorrow We Ride.
The photography in this issue was taken by Gerard Brown, Mike Chick, Taz Darling, Harry Gruyaert, Timm Koelln and Camille McMillan.
Full list of contents:
•    Morale by Graeme Fife and Harry Gruyaert
•    Dead Legends by William Fotheringham
•    Demain On Roule by Guy Andrews and Camille J McMillan
•    Outcast by Johnny Green
•    Blue Jersey by Paul Fournel and Jo Burt
•    Faso by Mike Chick
•    Wolfgang Lotzsch by Sascha Hilpert and Timm Koelln
•    The Breakaway by Matt Seaton and Gerard Brown
•    Royce (Engineering for the Hour) by Guy Andrews and Camille J McMillan
•    Favourite Shirts by Rouleur contributors and Taz Darling
The cover photograph was taken by Harry Gruyaert.
Rouleur 12 is out of print.