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Issue 20

The twentieth issue of Rouleur, published in October of 2010, includes 162 pages, and it's a gear guide with a difference.

The issue includes features on legendary makers of very fine cycling gear such as De Rosa, San Marco, Time and Nagasawa.
You will also find a special style section, as well as columns by Rouleur regulars like Johnny Green, Matt Seaton and William Fotheringham along with new faces Mike Barry and Brian Palmer.
The photography in this issue was taken by Gerard Brown, Taz Darling and Ben Ingham.
Full list of contents:
•    De Rosa by Herbie Sykes and Ben Ingham
•    Fictive by Johnny Green
•    Specialties TA by Graeme Fife and Gerard Brown
•    Freewheel by Brian Palmer
•    San Marco by Guy Andrews and Taz Darling
•    Tubular by William Fotheringham
•    Time by Rohan Dubash and Gerard Brown
•    Cones by Matt Seaton
•    Nagasawa by Daisuke Yano and Taz Darling
•    Derailleur by Mike Barry
•    Stuff they don't make anymore
•    What goes around by Guy Andrews
•    Ugley by Ian Cleverly and Taz Darling
•    Twist and out by Rohan Dubash

The cover photograph was taken by Taz Darling.