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Issue 17

The seventeenth issue of Rouleur, published in March of 2010, includes 132 pages with a unique look into the life of a young and hopeful rider, Jan Hirt; the second part of Rouleur's visit to Shimano; and a photo story on the races of England - as well as columns by Johnny Green and William Fotheringham.
The photography in this issue was taken by Taz Darling, Ben Ingham, Camille McMillan and Geoff Waugh.
Full list of contents:
•    Jan Hirt by Herbie Sykes and Ben Ingham
•    Never Give an Inch by Johnny Green
•    Shimano: Part Two by Guy Andrews and Taz Darling
•    Gino by Herbie Sykes
•    England by Rouleur photographers
•    Columbus by Guy Andrews and Ben Ingham
•    Le Metier by Michael Barry and Camille J McMillan
•    The Knowledge by William Fotheringham
The cover photograph was taken by Ben Ingham.