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    Sunday At The Palace

    Photos from Rapha Supercross at Alexandra Palace.
    Ian Cleverly
    Jonathan Hines

How they roll

Is that Jeremy Clarkson?

Passing the palace

Some of the 160 under-16s who raced

ViCiOUS Velo going green

Spiral of doooom...

Bruce Dalton, Rouleur team

Dan Tulett dominated the youth race

Paul Oldham won all three rounds...

... As did his Hope team-mate Annie Simpson

Elites are dooooomed...

No pain, no gain

Everyone's a winner, baby


No jet-washing required

"Your thumb goes OVER the top, Annie"

The St Jude’s Day storm held off long enough for a bright and blustery day of Rapha Super Cross racing at Alexandra Palace.

We’ve been promising mud for three years now, and looking out of my window at six in the morning, it seemed a sure bet. But no. The course was fast and dry – which, from an organiser’s position, is no bad thing. The prospect of flying gazebos and torrential downpours made for a fitful night’s sleep.

But it all came good in the end. The best part of 500 riders tackled the slopes of Ally Pally. Most of them could raise a smile once they had regained their breath. Myself included.




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At home with Cav, plus win a Paul Smith print.

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